The economic future of Minnesota and the United States is increasingly dependent on the Latino workforce, on Latino new business development and on Latino consumer markets locally, nationally and internationally. LCCM can introduce you to the variety of local Latino corporate and small businesses in Minnesota, while supporting members with relevant programming to spur economic growth.


can join LCCM?

Any person, association, corporation, partnership, foundation, who subscribes to the mission statement of this corporation, who pays the dues and who is accepted as a member by the Chamber Board of Directors shall be a member of this corporation.

Membership Benefits

Jobs Board: Expand your ability to reach a diverse group of potential employees by posting job openings that our members can search for and apply directly on our website or yours.

Business Directory: Promote your company by placing your brand on our business listing where hundreds of our members come and find products and services from a highly trusted source.

Event Calendar: Increase both, the reach and the impact of your marketing efforts by announcing your especial events on this tool that our membership follows every day.

eNewsletters: Receive valuable information four times a year to stay up to date with the progress in the economic and political development of Latino businesses of Minnesota.

Hot Deals: Capture an additional market segment with your post of special deals which are placed strategically throughout our Chamber’s web space. Such promotions are shared with the chamber’s members only.

Event Discounts:  Enjoy even more discounts in the Chamber special events when your participation fee run at 20% to 30% lower than non-member pricing.

Training & Seminars: Take advantage of these events which are scheduled in a regular basis most free of charge to our members. We join efforts with several partners who are experts in their industries to facilitate some of these workshops. We are choosing topics that are relevant to the economic growth of the businesses signed up in our membership.

Sponsorship Opportunities:  Participate throughout the year in special events that are run by our own members based on their area of expertise. This is an a great opportunity to showcase your business and at the same time expand the reach to your target market.

Business to Business Marketing: Maximize your marketing investment by using the promotional space in chamber’s website, eNewsletters,  webinars, and at the site of all our events. this is a very efficient way to expand the brand recognition of your business. 

Procurement/ Supplier Diversity: Acquire the specific knowledge and training on how to fulfill government and corporate bidding requirements. As a minority business you could qualify for special allocations on procurements or supplier diversity.

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