Business growth

The first five years of a small business are crucial because they determine whether a business will succeed long-term. We are here to help Latino businesses grow through facilitating network-building with other Latino business owners and established organizations with a strong record of empowering Latino businesses. By making sure our Latino business community maintains a consistent presence, we help strengthen the culture and economy of our diverse state.


With our partners we are able to:

  • Guide you through the process of starting a new business.
  • Help you grow your existing business by assisting in your certification efforts and prepare you on bidding procedures.
  • Connect you with affordable CPA advice to formalize your business accounting.
  • Minimize your business legal risks by offering tax legislation and other legal advice.


Our partners include:

  • Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC).
  • Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA).
  • Women Venture Minneapolis.
  • Neighborhood Development Center (NDC).




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